Looking for Workers 【Crypto Scam】


yeni üye
Welcome to the Crypto Bulls team!

On average, our employees earn from 4 to 15k $$$ per month. You will learn this with our detailed guides, nothing complicated.

We offer our project and support for cooperation.
If you are looking for an up-to-date and constantly improving project with stable work and payments - Welcome to our team!

Thanks to many years of experience in such projects and the presence of our own programmers in the team, we can offer the services and functionality necessary for comfortable work.

Support 24/7. Support and website.
Education. Access to exclusive materials where the profit is from $5k per month.
High-quality functionality of the platform.
Automatic payment system.
High percent.

Your main task is to attract as many people as possible to the site. Learn it with our detailed guides, nothing complicated.
Your payout will start with a 60% deposit. For example, any user that came from you deposit $10,000 -> your $6,000.

Why 60%?

Since you do not need to process a person on the site, a professional team of social engineering specialists will do it for you. A team of professionals capable of getting from 1 person from $ 1500.

According to simple mathematics, I suggest bringing 1 person every two days who makes a deposit of $1000. Then your earnings for 2 days will be $600.

If you want to start working with us or ask a question, then write to our contacts: